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Route idea: Formentera!

Posted by andreaconforti on Thursday November 10th, 2016
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La isla de Hops. Make yourself a gift with a sailing holiday in Formentera and enjoy its sea in total relax. Plan your holidays choosing which catamaran or charter rental in Formentera most suits your needs!

Treat yourself to a sailing holiday in Formentera and enjoy its sea in total relaxation.
Formentera, one of the pearls of the exotic Mediterranean is the main centre of attraction for global tourism in the Balearics.
It is a small island, and in winter it is almost uninhabited without any of the locals or foreigners who work in the summer and who decided to immerse themselves in a more diverse, intimate life.
In the summer, the island comes alive with energy, colour and joy.
The white sand beaches and the flamboyant turquoise sea create a setting of paradise, where every single one of us would like to enjoy a summer holiday.
The island is small and not dispersive, allowing any tourists to arrive from nearby Ibiza or to enjoy a daytime excursion, or to spend a week at the seaside, or for those enjoying some time on the beach or social evenings with the locals, in the restaurants and small bars in the focal point of Formentera nightlife in the resort of Es Pujol.
The one thing which makes it unique is that being a relatively small island, most of the tourists who come there from other areas immediately understand the freedom you are given, purely because you are not required to hire a car but can use just a scooter for just a few dozen Euro a day, which guarantees you a carefree stay and which is the exact opposite from life in the city.
However, the beauty which makes it really special is the apparent ease with which nature has created a marine ecosystem of astonishing beauty.
The way to discover this fascinating aspect of the island is undoubtedly to hire a sailing catamaran or a yacht which allows you the opportunity to observe it from a different perspective.
Hiring a boat is the desire of many tourists who have decided to organise their summer holidays in Formentera.
Hiring a boat in Ibiza with a skipper who knows the area is the most practical solution which allows you to experience the sea in full without denying yourselves the chance to experience its landscape into the bargain.
Organise your holiday by opting to hire a catamaran or a yacht in Formentera, whichever is most likely to fulfil your desires.
Spend an unforgettable week discovering a fascinating, seductive and sensual location.

Route idea

We are waiting for you to make you live a week of sea and fun!

Day 1: ... all aboard for departure!

The first day, coinciding with your arrival, is a day for settling in. The chances are you will arrive tired from your journey, but also worn out by the challenges of your everyday life, which you want to escape from for a week, during which you can make the most of the time available. Your expectations are high, and you are full of anticipation!

The skill of our skipper lies in really picking up on your feelings, and being sensitive to them to the maximum, so that you experience an unforgettable holiday, and a week’s sailing that is unique and original.

As soon as your bags have been stowed away, the group arranges to go and do the shopping. Upon your return, everything is put away in the galley, and then the holiday really begins.

Usually the first night is spent in port, and the group organizes itself to go eat in a restaurant or to take in a round of tapas, getting to know the delights of Spanish nightlife with a stroll through the center of the old town of Ibiza, full of cafes, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

It will hit you immediately: we are in Spain, in Ibiza, la Isla Blanca (the white island), the island where there is an intoxicating mix of day and night, of nature and fun, of moderation and ostentation, of the sea and the interior, of relaxation and effervescence ..

Day 2: en route to Cala Benirras!

On the second day, the Sunday, after breakfast we leave the port of Ibiza and begin to sail towards the north of the island. There are about 25 miles to go, and the destination is Cala Benirras.

Every Sunday in Benirras one of the most famous events in Ibiza takes place, la fiesta de los tambores, the puesta del sol, or rather the most striking sunset in the Mediterranean, accompanied by the beat of drums played by the old hippies who live on the island.

During the voyage, which lasts about four hours, you will encounter an incredible range of scenery. The setting moves from white beaches such as Salinas in the south east of Ibiza, to a rugged northern coastline, with wild and uninhabited coves and a turquoise sea, and on to a deeper sea of cobalt blue.

Once we’re there we find a place to anchor amongst the myriad of boats present for the big event, and wait for the sunset to the rhythm of the drums, drinking an excellent mojito!

Day 3: Cala Xarraca awaits

On Monday morning we wake up early to begin to sail on a route that takes us northward to Cala Xaracca.

This is one of the most beatiful bays of Ibiza, marked by a huge expanse of turquoise water, and an amazing diversity of shapes of rocks and reefs that stretch out across the entire bay.

After a swim in this stupendous turquoise sea we have lunch, and in the afternoon we begin to head back towards the south of Ibiza to reach Formentera the following day.

Day 4: here we are in Formentera

On Tuesday we wake up in Cala d’Hort, opposite the island of Es Vedra, one of the most picturesque and magical spots in Ibiza.

In the morning we leave for Es Vedra where we stop for a swim and a good lunch, and then we begin heading under full sail towards Paradise, towards Formentera.

We arrive mid-afternoon at Illetas beach where we make the most of the exquisite turquoise water to have a few dips in the sea and enjoy the white sands, and then go down to have a good aperitif in one of the three chiringuitos (beach bars) that are located on the shore.

After the aperitif we are all off to Es Pujiol, the center of Formentera’s nightlife, to enjoy a good meal at the Sa Varadero restaurant and then sleep on the boat in preparation for sailing the next day.

Day 5: here is the turquoise sea of Cala Saona?

On Wednesday during the day the sailing boat makes its way towards Cala Saona, another fabulous cove with a stretch of turquoise sea surrounded by fantastic cliffs of red rock and a small white beach, a destination of shore swimmers.

After a lot of swimming right up until evening, we go down to the beach, now deserted by the crowds of day tourists, and reach the Ibethan Kiosk, meeting place for all the sailors, to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Formentera, sipping the best mojito in the Archipelago de las Pitiusas.

Day 6: among the Caraibi di Es Palmador

On Thursday we wake up early. Our sailing holiday is almost over, but there is still a lot to see. We begin to sail to Es Palmador, the island separated from Formentera by an isthmus of very shallow turquoise water.

We moor to go down onto the beach of Caribbean colors to have a lovely swim in the isthmus, and a wonderful, invigorating walk on the beach, going around the island and benefiting from the mud found in the interior; we have lunch and then leave for Es Calo, the wilder part of Formentera, then anchor for the night where we will stay until mid morning of the next day.

Day 7: we go back to Ibiza, and the nightlife of Salinas

On Friday we leave at around 12:00 from Es Calo and after an hour and a half ‘s voyage at full sail we arrive at Salinas, the most beautiful and popular beach in Ibiza.

We drop anchor in a secluded spot we know well, far from the hustle and bustle, and after some swimming we take the dinghy to the beach and go to the Chiringuito di Sa Trinxa, the best known restaurant and bar on the island.

By mid-afternoon a DJ starts to play, accompanied by a violinist, creating an atmosphere that is unique and unforgettable for anyone who experiences it.

Between a swim and a sangria we listen to music and have fun enjoying the last moments of a holiday on a sailing boat in Ibiza, memories that will be etched in your mind forever!

At about 18:30 we begin to sail again towards the port of Ibiza, where we moor for the last evening at about 20:00.

A shower to get rid of the salt, and we get ready to enjoy the last evening at the la Brasa restaurant, and for the indefatigable, it’s the last night to dance to the rhythm of House music at the world’s most famous club, IL PACHA.

Day 8: Everyone in port!

On Saturday we disembark by 9:00 in the morning and between a hug and a laugh your skipper salutes the crew, hoping that his work has been successful in giving his guests the best and most unforgettable holiday of the year on a sailing boat.

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