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Route idea: French antilles!

Posted by andreaconforti on Sunday November 20th, 2016
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Let yourself be charmed by its unforgettable colors. Treat yourself with a sailing cruise between the islands of the Caribbean, relax yourself on the fabulous beaches of Martinique and the Grenadines and explore the wonders of the marine world! Plan your holidays choosing which catamaran or charter rental in Martinica most suits your needs!

Treat yourself to a Caribbean sailing boat cruise, relax on the fabulous beaches of Martinique and the Grenadines, and explore the wonders of the marine world!

The Caribbean is an archipelago of islands which when combined together cover more or less the same area than an arc stretching from Venezuela to the United States.

Each island is very distinct from the other because of the way they have been colonised and due to their diverse and varied cultures.

The influence is that of autochthonous Creole populations, which over have witnessed a mixture of European, British, and American colonisation over the centuries. All the Caribbean islands are havens and many areas sill remain pristine. They are a popular destination for global tourism, and in recent years it has become very fashionable to hire a sailing boat or a catamaran when organising a cruise around the major islands.

In the Caribbean, the West Indies are the most famous and Martinique, which is part of the region as a French overseas territory, is the largest island in the French Antilles. Martinique is one of the destinations most frequented by lovers of Caribbean vacations and sailing boat cruises sailing where people can enjoy a range of benefits including being able to use the Euro currency, flights to destinations cheap prices and its close proximity to the Grenadine islands which lie at the heart of the Caribbean.

From the marina of Le Marin, where most of the charter companies are based, you can rent a sailing boat or a catamaran with an experienced skipper can begin navigating to Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and can arrive in Bequia and Tobago Cays which are the most beautiful atolls, and those which are the most photographed by reporters from travel magazines around the world.

The sailing boat is the method which allows you to organise a Caribbean holiday never to be forgotten. Our itinerary in Virgin Islands starts from the island of Tortola in the BVI, then we sail and land at Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Grat Thatch, Saint Jhon and Saint Croix . We are waiting you in Tortola, our base, to welcome you and dedicate our skipper experience and to provide a service up to your expectations.

Route idea

We are waiting for you to make you live a week of sea and fun!

Day 1: ... all aboard for departure!

Arrival in Tortola and then we go aboard our boats that are moored at the port base of Harbourview Marina. A “welcome” and a welcome on board and we are ready to start our holiday on a sailboat in the Caribbean.

Day 2: en route toward Virgin Gorda

The island is characterized by white beaches and green mountains, but has hardly any villages, just some scattered houses, an airport and lots of boats. Best known for its “Baths”, whose transparent water is exceptional.

Anyone who has seen the Corsican cliffs of Lavezzi in the Straits of Bonifacio will have some idea: a sailing boat can be anchored conveniently only a few meters from what is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

On a stretch of coast a kilometer long, huge granite boulders rest on the white sand, creating grottos and natural swimming pools, and the palms and the imposing rocks compete for height.

Further north at North Sound you can relax in the bay of the famous Bitter End Yacht Club. The interior is rough, often inaccessible and covered all over with cacti and tropical flowers; there are beaches that can’t be reached from the sea, like Savannah Bay, but there is also the safer natural port, North Sound, a long bay enclosed by a border of coral islands.

Day 3: the coral reef of Anageda awaits us

Anegada is surrounded by a large reef with some very difficult channels; in fact we have to ask permission to land there. It’s worth it for the beauty and richness of its fauna: pink flamingos, herons, even iguanas that can reach over a meter in length.

There are numerous wrecks, both ancient and modern, still imprisoned in the coral, and it is known that some of them still have fabulous treasure hidden in their holds. One more reason to dive in these incredible waters.

The island is a strip of white sand twenty kilometers long by less than three kilometers wide, and its highest point is six meters in height.

Day 4: from Anegada to Jost Van Dike

It is named after a famous pirate whose name has become legendary: the Flying Dutchman. And it remains rather wild, offering many small quiet moorings and great depths for diving.

On the shore the atmosphere is deliberately casual, a place for a glass of rum in your hand and a guitar playing calipso in the background.

Day 5: off to explore Treasure Island

Very green, almost uninhabited, full of grottos and caves, and known as “Treasure Island”, it reconfirms all those legends about pirates and hidden treasure.

On it you can find some good landing places, well-sheltered and very charming, and it is very pleasant in the evening to go to have a drink or dinner on board the “William Thornton”, an old vessel anchored southeast of The Bight.

Day 6: from Norman Island to Cooper Island

The main mooring spots are in Manchineel Bay, to the north west of the island. This place owes its name to the many poisonous fruit trees situated along the bay, yellow-green apples whose juice can even burn you if you touch it.

Day 7: from Cooper Island to Tortola

Return to Harborview Marina where we stay overnight before disembarking the next day.

Day 8: everyone in port!

On Saturday we come ashore at 9:00 in the morning, and between hugs and smiles the skipper says goodbye to the crew, hoping that his work has resulted in all the guests experiencing the best and the most unforgettable sailing holiday of the year.

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