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Route idea: Sardinia!

Posted by andreaconforti on Sunday November 6th, 2016
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Scent and elegance. Sardegna, an island full of culture and fabulous landscapes. Let yourself be charmed by its colors, its flavours, its scents and its ancient traditions. Plan your holidays choosing which catamaran or charter rental in Sardegna most suits your needs!

We are waiting for you to make you live a week of sea and fun! Sardinia island rich in history, culture, beautiful landscapes and impressive. Be blown away by its colors from its flavors from its fragrances and its ancient traditions. Its authentic beauty, allowed him, over the years, maintaining its position as a destination of world tourism.

The north of Sardinia and in particular the Costa Smeralda and the Maddalena archipelago, are the areas where nautical tourism is concentrated and where Vela Dream, he works as a specialist in the rental of boats and sailing catamarans with or without a skipper. This area of Sardinia is to live a week of sailing between wild and unspoiled beaches that create magical scenery and an undeniable beauty. The geography of the area allows, to those who rent a sailboat, you can program many routes for its proximity to South Corsica and its smaller islands such as Lavezzi, Cavallo and Isola Piana.

Do not wait for summer Seize the opportunity now to organize time for your holiday on a sailing boat or catamaran in Sardinia. You’ll find a sober fact of scenery, characterized by the typical rose quartz, turquoise sea and white beaches flashy. Rent by Dream Sailing a boat in Sardinia and entrusted to professionals like us that we live in the sea every day! We are waiting to welcome you in Sardegna and dedicate our skipper experience, and to provide a service up to your expectations.

Route idea

We are waiting for you to make you live a week of sea and fun!

Day 1: ... all aboard for departure!

On the first day it all happens in Cannigione, on the Sciumara da Andrea dock. Cannigione is a small and picturesque village overlooking the sea, part of the municipality of Arzachena. From a logistical point of view it is the most convenient port to reach from Olbia, where flights and ferries arrive, and given its limited size, it offers services that are all close to hand. Supermarkets, bars, coffee shops, post office and banks are easily reached on foot in a few minutes.

As soon as you arrive on the pier, the skipper will be waiting to welcome you and to help you with boarding. The minute you arrive you will notice the very welcoming atmosphere, thanks to the great conviviality of Andrea, owner of the wharf, and of the numerous skipper friends who share it this dock with us. You will instantly feel at ease, and you will soon become aware of the beautiful scenery all around you, that surrounds this quaint little harbor.

After we have stowed the bags and backpacks we will organize a trip to the supermarket where we will buy all the supplies for the following days. That evening we will have dinner on board or in one of the restaurants that line the port.

After supper a healthy walk through the hippy market along the harbor, and for those who don’t want to go back too early, it’s possible to take a taxi to nearby Porto Cervo o Porto Quatu to make the most of some good healthy Clubbing… around the local hot spots.

Day 2: en route to the Bocche of Bonifacio

What distinguishes Nothern Sardinia and Southern Corsica compared to other tourist areas where you can decide to rent a sailing boat or a catamaran for a week, is that in this area there is always wind, so the week on a sailboat is a real week of sailing, during which you can learn a lot about this ancient discipline.

With this in mind we leave early on Sunday morning en route towards Spargi for lunch, and then we proceed under sail across the Bocche (Strait) of Bonifacio to the marvellous island of Budelli, where we pass the evening and night at anchor.

Day 3: the pink beach of Budelli awaits us

The number of places to see between northern Sardinia, the Maddalena Archipelago and Southern Corsica is impressive. A month would not be enough to to able to appreciate fully this zone that is so rich in marine environments. Not to mention all the fascinating aspects of the interior.
It is also true that when you opt for a week’s holiday on a sailing boat, you cannot run frantically from one bay to another and expect to see everything in a short time.

In a sailboat this is impossible, because the time spent on a vessel that uses sails filled by the wind as a means of propulsion, is much more extenuated and leisurely.

For this reason on the third day of the cruise we will not leave Budelli right away, but will stay there all day, because on this occasion the skipper will take you to get to know one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Pink Beach of Budelli.

We will all disembark together on the dinghy and go along a path that is immersed in vegetation such as junipers and Mediterranean myrtle, to arrive in front of the hut of Mauro, the guardian of the island.

The wisdom of Mauro, thanks to whom you will find out why the beach is pink, will make your holiday on a sailing boat memorable for a lifetime.
With his humanity and his simplicity, Mauro will be able to impart a sense of love for nature and our ecosystem.

At about 17:00 we say goodbye to Mauro, the Pink Beach and the island of Budelli. We embark and hoist the sails to continue to the island of Lavezzi in Corsica.

Day 4: the enchanting Bonifacio awaits us

On Tuesday we wake up and after a hearty breakfast go ashore to explore the island of Lavezzi. We have lunch on board and after a collective nap we set sail to finally proceed to the most evocative destination of this trip, Bonifacio.

We’ll get to Bonifacio just before sunset, having sailed under the craggy white coastline of Cape Pertusato. At the entrance to the fjord’s natural harbor of Bonifacio the imposing shorelines of granite and limestone reign supreme and you realize immediately how strategic a place Bonifacio has been throughout history, one of the focal points of trade and of control of the Napoleonic empire.

The history of Bonifacio is seen and felt in every corner of its ancient fortress. It is stunning, and so impressive that it evokes for everyone who visits it the sensation of living in the era of pirates.

This evening we are in port and moored to the dock so it will be more convenient for everyone to go down to the fort, to the old part with its continual coming and going of tourists, and the fragrance of local dishes that emanate from the numerous typical Corsican trattorias.

Day 5: on the natural paradise of Piana Island

On Wednesday morning we wake up, disembark and head for the bakery in the port. When we enter the bar we encounter an expanse of gorgeous croissants that you can only savor in France. A cafe au lait, a great dunked crossant, and then we return to the boat to climb on board and wave goodbye, with deep regret, to this magnificent place.

Leaving the fjord of Bonifacio, where the incessant traffic of boats and crafts alternates with the passage of ferries and super yachts, we raise the sails, and with every minute that passes Bonifacio becomes a sweet and romantic memory.

We aim the bow towards the south east to arrive after about two hours of sailing at Piana Island, a heavenly expanse of turquoise water and white sand atolls. The landscape is reminiscent of the Caribbean, but rest assured that it is more beautiful!

We drop the anchor and stay all day to take advantage of the wonderful sea, we have lunch and then swim some more, without stinting ourselves.
Going to Piana Island is really worth the effort.

And after a day of swimming and a sun that turns the skin the color of chocolate, we leave for Cavallo, where we will pass the night at anchor.

Day 6: between Cavallo and the Bay of Rondinara

The usual morning wake up and breakfast on board. The fragrance of mocha coffee is wonderful. I sleep in the separate cabin at the end of the bow, and when I become aware of the scent I know that it is time to get up and start work.

Right on the heels of the coffee I go straight to the kitchen where I catch a glimpse of the crew who are already up. They ask me … Andrea, want a coffee? I accept without hesitation, and cup of coffee in hand I go up on deck to enjoy waking up properly.

We will spend half of the day in Callo and then after lunch begin to sail towards Rondinara, which will be the last cove in Corsica that we visit.

Day 7: Santa Maria, Caprera .. and then en route to Cannigione

After an enchanting night spent under a clear and starry sky at Rondinara, we get up and organize a hearty breakfast and then set off to sail back to Sardinia, or to be more precise, Santa Maria.

The little bay of Santa Maria is lovely, and whenever our guests arrive there they are completely captivated by its beauty. The whiteness of the sand and the intense turquoise color of the sea are simply dazzling.

Then there is the heady scent of juniper and myrtle, mixed with the salty tang that is carried by the prevailing wind in this area, the mistral.

All that’s left to do is dive into this wonderfully clear, clean water to enjoy the last few hours of this magical and amazing sailing holiday in Sardinia.

After lunch we begin to head back towards Cannigione, in a completely leisurely fashion, passing by the island of Caprera. A last stop at Cala Coticcio and Cala Portese and then then we sail directly on to Cannigione.

Upon arriving in the the port of Cannigione at sunset, we moor, and after a shower all go together to Renzo at San Pantaleo, to enjoy a great pizza and toast each other with a delicious mirto.

Day 8: Everyone in port!

On Saturday we disembark by 9:00 in the morning, and between hugs and smiles, our skipper says goodbye to the whole crew, hoping that his work has been successful in making sure his guests experience the best and most unforgettable sailing holiday of the year.

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