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VMByachts is a Sail Cruising Training Centre recognised by the Royal Yachting Association to conduct courses and to issue certificates on their behalf.

All the RYA courses have been written to meet the specific syllabus requirements of the RYA, and ensure that you are well prepared to meet the standards expected for the final test assessments. Upon successful completion of the course we are able to issue you with the appropriate RYA certificate. Meteorology and navigation remain the same, but the elements of seamanship are biased towards your preference.

Coastal skipper & yachtmaster® offshore

This course covers the prescribed syllabus for the award of the RYA | MCA Yachtmaster® Coastal | Yachtmaster® shorebased certificate.
The format of the course is such that the introductory modules act as a refresher on the basic concepts of navigation. However, it is too brief to be of value to the complete beginner and is intended to assist those whose knowledge has become a bit rusty. Course material includes:
• charts
• Admiralty and RYA publications
• personal tuition
• RYA/MCA Coastal Skipper | Yachtmaster® Offshore shorebased assessment and certificate

Pre-course experience
People who have previously complete a Day Skipper theory course;

Assumed knowledge
People who have sufficient knowledge to be able to plot EPs, CTS, calculate secondary port tidal heights and interpolate tidal streams;

Minimum duration
Courses takes 40-45 hours of study;

Course content
Navigational techniques are refined and expanded upon and whilst chartwork (including electronic aids) and tidal factors are studied to an advanced level, the emphasis is upon the practical knowledge required to become a skilled offshore skipper. Safety is stressed throughout with emphasis on collision regulations, interpreting weather forecasts, boat handling and coping with emergencies, concludes the course at an internationally recognised level of competence.

Yachtmaster® ocean

This course covers the prescribed syllabus for the award of the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster® Ocean shorebased certificate.
When out of sight of land for prolonged periods we can no longer depend on the comforting presence of traditional+ navigational marks, and so we have to rely on the sun, moon and stars as well as electronic aids to find our position and maintain our intended ocean route. Whilst looking at both these aspects of navigation this course concentrates on astronavigation by observation of all the celestial bodies.

Assumed knowledge
No advanced mathematics is involved nor is the possession of a sextant required. Assuming a prior knowledge of coastal navigation, the recognition of the stars and navigational planets is explained together with the use of a sextant;

Minimum duration
Course can be completed in as little as four weeks. On average, at 4 hours a week it could take 5 – 6 months to complete. Full tutor support is provided for 12 months;

Course content
Electronic instrumentation, now in everyday use, is a vital part of the course. Meteorology and climatology, and the planning of ocean passages, complete the syllabus. Course material includes:
• extracts from the Nautical Almanac
• practice astronomical tables
• personal tuition (including assessment papers)
• RYA/MCA Yachtmaster® Ocean shorebased assessment and certificate.